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VCE Success at Scopus – Two students achieve the best possible ATAR


2017 has been another successful year for Year 12 Mount Scopus students. With two students achieving the maximum ATAR of 99.95, nearly a third exceeding an ATAR of 95, over half of the cohort in the top 10% of the state, and no less than 11 ‘perfect’ study scores we are very proud of all of our graduates and their teachers.


Principal, Rabbi Kennard said, “We congratulate our students on this year’s results. With 52% of our students with ATARs of 90 or over and nearly 30% in the top 5% of the State, we pay tribute to all our students and their teachers.


Amongst our top students are many who have contributed much to school life – in the Jewish life, Performing Arts, Community and Service and Sports programs − and now they have shown their academic excellence as well”.


11 ‘perfect’ study scores of 50 were achieved in the following subjects;

• English (2)
• Health and Human Development (3)
• French (1)
• Legal Studies (2)
• Further Maths (3)

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