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Parent Lounge

Parent Lounge is a web-based application provided by Mount Scopus Memorial College that allows parents to log-in and view information that the College holds about them and their children.

You can check your child’s timetable, email their class teachers or check their attendance history. Additional student based information may be added in the future.

You can also make changes to your address information online, including email addresses.

Accessing Parent Lounge

To log in to Parent Lounge you will need a username and a password.

Your username is your parent account number.

This can be found on your most recent School Fees statement on the right hand side near the address block.

Your default password is your B-PAY™ reference number.

Your B-PAY™ reference number can also be found on your School Fees statement in the top right hand corner below the school's biller code.

NB: For security purposes you should change this password to an easily remembered password containing both letters and numbers.

For additional help, please click here to download detailed access instructions.  For Parent Directory information please click here.


2011 Parent Satisfaction Survey Results

To view a summary of the 2011 Parent Satisfaction Survey results,  please click here.


Education Maintenance Allowance (EMA)

The Education Maintenance Allowance (EMA)  is provided by the Victorian Government to assist lower income families, who meet the eligibility criteria, to help with education-related costs. The information sheet gives you an outline of the changes in EMA for 2013 in regards to eligibility, payment options and payment amounts.


Should you be eligible to receive EMA payments , please remember the following key important dates:

 -          Eligibility criteria must be met as at 29 January 2013 (Instalment one) and 15 July 2013 (Instalment 2)

Parents/Guardians need to lodge an EMA application form by submitting the EMA form to the School by 28 February 2013.

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