BYOD Program Portal

BYOD Program Portal

Welcome to the Mount Scopus BYOD Program Portal. Here you will find all the information you need regarding the program.

Year 6:
The iPad continues to meet the needs of learners in the Primary school given the range of educationally relevant apps available, together with ready access to a camera for photography and filming. This combined with the mobility, weight and durability of iPads continues to make the iPad the appropriate learning device in the Primary school for the foreseeable future. Parents of students in Year 6 are required to supply an iPad or iPad Mini as standard school equipment.

NB The parents of students in Year 4 and Year 5, 2020, will NOT have to supply their children with an iPad. The College will provide an iPad for each Year 4 student. These will be stored and charged in each Year 4 and Year 5 classroom. They will not be taken home.

Years 7 to 12: Students will have the option of continuing to use an iPad as their primary learning device or bringing a Windows or Mac device.

* NB From 2020 the college recommends that students in Years 7-12 use a device with a full operating system (Mac OS or Microsoft Windows). This is a recommendation rather than a mandated change to the current program and iPads will continue to be listed as an acceptable device in our 2020 and 2021 BYOD device requirements. 

* From 2022 onwards iPads will not be included in our list of acceptable devices.

We highly recommend that new devices are purchased with a comprehensive three year warranty and a robust case.  



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