iPad FAQ

An iPad is a required device in Years 4 to 6, and one of the designated optional devices in Years 7 to 12. The answers to the questions below are for parents of Primary students, and for those considering an iPad as device of choice in the Secondary school.

Why use iPads at Mount Scopus Memorial College?

iPads are lightweight, portable, flexible, durable and reliable devices that enable students and staff to use a broad range of apps suitable for various learning styles. iPads are an effective mobile learning device with apps based on sound, text, image and touch, supporting active learning, allowing for the personalisation of content, broadening the creative potential for students, real-time access to information, and collaborative learning.

Is it mandatory that my child has an iPad for school?

It is mandatory that every child in Years 4 to 6 has an iPad, allowing them to participate in the full educational experience at Mount Scopus. The iPad is one of a number of options for students in Years 7 to 10.

Why not laptops or a different device in the Primary School?

The iPad meets the needs of learners in the Primary School (Years 4-6) given the range of educationally relevant apps available, together with ready access to a camera. This combined with the mobility, weight and durability of iPads continues to make the iPad the appropriate learning device in the Primary School for the foreseeable future. Scopus is not a laptop school, nor is it an iPad school. We are a school that has the education and development of children at its core. The iPad is a technology that is used to enhance current teaching and learning practices, providing access to quality educational resources for content creation, collaboration, communication creativity and problem solving.

Can I use another tablet instead of an iPad?

In order to ensure that all students using a tablet device experience the same educational context and quality, we require them all to use an iPad and not an alternate tablet (e.g. an Android device). This ensures that the same educational apps can be loaded on all devices, that the multimedia capabilities of an iPad can be fully utilised, and streamlines the software and support requirements for the College.

Where do I purchase an iPad?

You are free to purchase an iPad from any retailer you choose. There is a range of both retail and online stores to choose from but we do suggest starting your search at your local Apple Store. There is an Apple Store located nearby at Chadstone Shopping Centre.

Please refer to the College’s device recommendations and minimum requirements prior to making your purchase.

Students are able to purchase either an iPad or iPad Mini. Is one better than the other?

The iPad Mini will do everything the iPad does but is a slightly smaller device. The choice as to which device to purchase boils down to personal preference and is a decision for parents and their children to make.

Do I have to get the latest version of iPad?

We recommended that if purchasing an iPad or iPad Mini, you purchase the most recent model wherever possible. We expect a new iPad will last students approximately three years with care. If you already own an earlier model iPad (with lightning cable) or iPad Mini then this can be used at school. As long as the device is capable of running the latest operating system (iOS) then the student will be able to use it at school. Please note that earlier model iPads would not be expected to last students for as long.

How can parents obtain more information on the specifications of the iPads?

The Apple website helps you to compare current iPad models.

Do we need to create an Apple ID for our child? How do I set this up if my child is under the age of 13?

An Apple ID is required to download apps onto the iPad. It is recommended you use Apple’s family sharing to provide an account for children under the age of 13. For more details about Apple ID creation and family sharing, click here.

Apple IDs allow children to participate in Family Sharing and use other Apple services such as iCloud, iMessage, FaceTime, and Game Center.

It is important that parents actively monitor the apps (and other media) that students are putting on their iPad on a regular basis.

Can families share purchases made in iTunes and the App Store?

Up to six people in your family can share purchases from iTunes, iBooks and the App Store without sharing accounts. You can pay for family purchases with the same credit card and approve kids’ spending straight from a parent’s device using the family sharing ‘ask to buy’ feature. Easily share photos, a family calendar and more, to help keep everyone connected. For information on family sharing, see the Apple website.

Can students use a family iTunes account?

Many families will already have an iTunes Account. However, we recommend that students have their own iTunes Account or if they are under the age of 13, use iCloud's Family Sharing to create the account. For more details, click here. The iPad is a personal computing device and it is important that students learn to manage their own technology.

It is also extremely important that parents DO NOT GIVE STUDENTS THEIR CREDIT CARD DETAILS to set up the iTunes account. Families should use an iTunes gift card to set up their child's account. Click here for more instructions on setting up an iTunes account without a credit card.

What educational apps are required on the iPad?

The core app lists for both SFPS and LFSS are published on the iPad portal. We recommend loading these apps onto the iPad before the child starts the year at school. The Secondary booklist also has a list of the required apps for your child's year-level. These apps will be subject-specific.

Can the iPad be used in Hebrew or other languages?

Yes. An on-screen Hebrew keyboard should be installed in Settings > General > Keyboards. Students can easily switch between English and Hebrew text in most apps, as well as record spoken Hebrew in many apps. Keyboards are also available for many other languages, including Chinese and French.

What iPad accessories are parents required to purchase?

It is essential that student iPads are brought to school in a strong, durable, robust cover for protection and with a set of headphones (noise limited recommended). The purchases of any additional accessories, such as keyboards, styluses or stands, are at the discretion of parents.

Does my child need a Bluetooth keyboard for his/her iPad?

This is not a requirement although if your child would prefer a physical keyboard, there are many types and brands available that integrate seamlessly with the iPad.

Does the College maintain and update iPad hardware and software as is the case with some other schools with 1:1 programs?

Unlike some iPad and/or laptop programs run by other schools, our iPad program is a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) program. Just like your mobile phone, the iPad is a personal device. Maintenance and updating is the responsibility of the student or parents (this will depend on student age).

How do students receive support in setting up and maintaining their iPad?

For iPad related issues including Settings, iCloud, iTunes and downloading apps our ICT Service Staff can provide assistance and advice but the friendly Apple Store Geniuses or Apple Support are your ultimate experts in all things Apple.

During school times, our ICT Service Desk is available to support students and staff with anything technology related on campus. For technical support issues including passwords, email, network connection or internet access issues email ictservices@scopus.vic.edu.au

ICT Services will not undertake mechanical repairs on students’ personal iPads, as they are not authorized Apple repair technicians and any attempt to do so may void your iPad’s AppleCare/warranty. Students should not “jailbreak” iPads, attempt to remove the screen or disassemble the iPad, or undertake any other action that voids the warranty.

All repairs should be done at an Authorised Apple Centre and it is the responsibility of the student to ensure their iPad is in safe working order.

What do I do if there is something wrong with the iPad?

ICT Services can provide assistance and advice but any issues with your child’s device should be reported to Apple, or the supplier from which the iPad was purchased.

iPads have no moving parts and as a result they are very durable devices. That said, they can break and a common issue is a broken screen due to being mistreated. If a student’s iPad screen breaks due to being dropped or mistreated you will need to organise to have it repaired. Please visit your local Apple Store to explore repair options, or the iPad Service Answer Centre.

All iPads are covered by a one year manufacturer’s warranty (2 years if AppleCare is purchased). If your iPad experiences a genuine hardware fault, please visit your local Apple Store. The closest Apple Store is located at Chadstone.

Will the College replace a lost, stolen or damaged iPad?

The College will not replace a stolen, lost or damaged student iPad.

Students at the Gandel Campus have secure personal lockers to store and protect their iPad and any other personal property. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that their locker is locked. It is also a requirement that all iPads have a durable robust protective case that is clearly labelled with the student’s name to minimise damage while the iPad is being transported between home and school. At all times students are responsible for their personal property, which includes their iPad.

Parents are encouraged to insure their child’s iPad for loss, theft or damage as the College does not insure students’ personal devices (just as it's not able to insure any other personal property of a student). There are many different insurance policies available to cover electronic devices such as iPads and many home and contents policies will also provide coverage – please check with your insurance provider.

Should we purchase AppleCare+?

Every iPad comes with complimentary telephone technical support for 90 days from your iPad purchase and a one year warranty.

AppleCare+ for iPad optionally provides up to two years of expert telephone technical support and additional hardware coverage from Apple, including up to two incidents of accidental damage coverage, each subject to a A$65 service fee. AppleCare+ benefits are in addition to any legal rights provided by consumer protection laws.

Does the College back up the iPads?

No, students are responsible for the care, protection and maintenance of their iPad, this includes periodically backing up the contents of the iPad.

You can back up your iPad to iCloud (the first 5GB of online storage is free) or by plugging your iPad into a computer running iTunes. Apple’s Support site is very useful in this regard, please click here to learn more.

What happens to student work if the iPad is lost/damaged/stolen?

Students are responsible for ensuring they protect, care for and maintain their iPad and its contents. This includes periodically backing up the contents of their iPad. In the event that an iPad is lost, all work that has been backed up by either syncing with iTunes, iCloud or using a different backup option will still be available.

What are some examples of how students use iPads in class and for home learning?

Students use their iPads for example for making films, creating soundtracks, creating images, blogging, reading eBooks, writing, creating multimedia presentations, accessing the Internet, sending and receiving emails, recording interviews, watching educational YouTube videos, creating or answering surveys and quizzes, collaborating with others. Students can easily switch between English and Hebrew text in most apps, as well as record in English or Hebrew. Secondary School students will also use their iPad to access timetables, notifications, calendar events, assignment details including due dates and communications from staff on a daily basis.

Are iPads used in all classes? How much of the time is the iPad used in class?

In short, yes. iPads are tools for learning that are used along with all the other tools available at school (e.g. pen, paper, books, etc.). All teachers and students leverage these technologies in their classroom when the learning need arises.

Will students still be writing using pen and paper? Will handwriting skills still be considered important?

Yes, the use of pen and paper is still a vital skill for students to learn. In the Primary School, handwriting continues to be a fundamental skill we focus on developing. In the Secondary School, the mode of communication used will depend on the learning opportunity but whilst VCE exams are still in written form, we recognise that it is essential that handwriting skills are still developed and maintained.

Are iPads replacing some of the traditional textbooks?

iPads are part of the range of resources available to our students. There are still some Secondary School textbooks that are only available in a hard copy format but, as a general rule, the minimum a student must have is the electronic version of the textbooks. Please refer to your child’s booklist for further information.

Are students able to use iPads in every class and across the College?

Yes. All College teaching and learning spaces, the Learning Resource Centre and student common areas are Wi-Fi enabled.

What is the ability of the iPad to save a student’s work?

There is no trouble saving any data; it can be saved to a range of platforms, saved to the iPad itself and to a related computer. It has the ability to transfer files back and forth from related applications. The College provides all students with a Google for Education account. Files can be uploaded from the iPad to Google and downloaded again.

An iPad has no USB - how do we transfer files?

There are a number of ways to do this:

  • The iPad can plug into your home PC or Mac (via the supplied USB cable) and copy photo and video files across just like a USB.
  • You can email the file to yourself from your iPad, and then open it on a PC or laptop if needed.
  • Perhaps the easiest way to transfer files (and keep a backup at the same time) is to use cloud storage such as Google.

How does the College ensure students are only accessing educational apps or websites during class time?

Teachers monitor the use of technology in the classroom and misuse is treated in the same way as any other inappropriate behaviour. The usual classroom essential agreements apply. Actively accessing or seeking out inappropriate sites is a behavioural issue that would be addressed by the classroom teacher and/or Campus Coordinator, Deputy Principal or College Principal.

Please note the College cannot filter a personal data connection and we therefore recommend that parents with such concerns do not purchase a 3G/4G/LTE enabled device or install a cellular data card in the iPad or iPad Mini. Parents can enable the parental controls on the iPad to restrict access to age-inappropriate apps.

How can I ensure my child is not using the iPad inappropriately at home?

Clear boundaries and expectations are the easiest way to achieve this. We recommend that you only allow use of the iPad in open and visible parts of the house, not bedrooms. Parents can enable the parental controls on the iPad to restrict access to age-inappropriate apps, movies and music. At home if you would like to limit your child’s iPad use to a single app you can enable ‘Guided Access’ – this temporarily restricts an iPad to one particular app and may assist students to stay focused on a task. Click here to learn more. Another strategy is to establish a routine where the iPad is checked by parents regularly. See the website iParent for more advice, or our iPad portal page Setting Up for Safety.

How can I keep my child’s use of her iPad and other technology to a reasonable level at night so that he/she can sleep free from distraction?

The College recommends that parents ask their child to place their iPad and other devices such as phones in a central place in the house (such as the kitchen) from an agreed time at night so that iPads and phones etc. are not in the child’s bedroom overnight.

How should parents manage their child’s downloading of apps?

It is the responsibility of parents to manage student app downloading via a combination of clear boundaries and expectations, the iOS family sharing featureand/or financial management (through the use of iTunes cards). Family sharing includes an ‘ask to buy’ feature, which sends a request to the parent when a child attempts to download an app. iTunes accounts can be created and set up by using iTunes Gift Cards and DO NOT require a credit card. We strongly recommend that your DO NOT give your child access to your credit card for use on iTunes.

Are Facebook/Twitter and other social networking sites blocked at the School?

The College does filter and monitor all internet traffic that flows through our network and block any site it deems to be inappropriate. The College as a rule does not block social networking sites as they include many powerful educational tools and resources such as blogs, YouTube, learning networks through Twitter, and other online collaboration tools.

The College integrates social networking sites into the curriculum to help take the lead, guide and develop the responsible use of social media technologies and help our student become active and responsible digital citizens.

Any use of social media by students or staff must adhere to all College Policies. For more information please see the parent handbook.

What are the College policies about electronic devices and bullying?

The College has a policy that covers all forms of bullying from cyber to verbal to hand written and even covers non-verbal physical intimidation. Bullying will not be tolerated in any form at the College and will be addressed in accordance with our policy.

Are the students allowed to have games on their iPads?

The iPad is a student’s personal electronic device. With parental approval a student can install their own apps for personal use on the iPad, in addition to the required school apps. These apps must not contravene any College policy and student personal apps must not impact on the space available for educational resources and apps. Any apps installed should be age-appropriate.

What happens if a student forgets their iPad or forgets to charge it overnight?

It is the student’s responsibility to ensure the iPad is charged and operational at the commencement of the school day. As the iPad is used as a tool to enhance learning, if the iPad is forgotten or the battery is flat, the student will not have access to the resources and tools available on the device for that day. S/he will still be able to attend lessons and activities but may not be able to participate in any parts of the lesson or activity that depend on the use of an iPad. We have extremely limited numbers of iPads for loan and limited facilities for charging student iPads.

How often should an iPad be charged?

It is expected that students bring an iPad to school with enough charge to see them through the day. As such it is recommended that iPads are charged overnight prior to each school day. The current has a 9 - 10 hour battery life which is more than enough to last the entire school day.

Do students use their iPads before school or during breaks?

During recess and lunchtime, Primary students only have access to their iPads in the Learning Resource Centre and classrooms with a supervising teacher present. Primary school students are not permitted to use their iPads in the playground.

Secondary School students do have access to technology both personal (phones, laptops, iPads) and school provided (computer labs) at lunchtime and recess.

The College offers a range of extra-curricular and enrichment activities from social action initiatives to creative activities and sports-related events, as well as academic pursuits and Judaism oriented experiences, which all run during recess/lunchtime. These exciting alternatives help to create balance in students’ lives.

How do students identify their own iPad and make sure it is not lost while at school?

Students are highly encouraged to label the outside of the iPad case with their name and class, as well as the back of the iPad itself. Students may also create their own custom iPad wallpaper (including their name/photo) that will allow the student and others to easily identify the device from the lock screen. If purchasing online through the Apple Store, it is also possible to have iPads permanently engraved free of charge.

Students are also encouraged to set a passcode lock to their iPad so that only they can access it. Please note that if the passcode lock is forgotten then the iPad needs to be erased. Parents are encouraged to keep a copy of their child’s password for safe keeping.


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