Student iPads – Setting up for Safety

While the College filters and monitors all internet traffic that flows through our network, once students have left the College grounds we cannot be responsible for sites they may access.

Safe Searching in Google

  • Google is the default search engine in both the Chrome and Safari apps on the student iPads. You are able to restrict content in Google in both of these browsers.

  • See this web page for instructions.

  • NB the instructions say to go to the Google app but they work the same way in Safari and Chrome if you go to

  • To view your child’s search history:

    • Chrome - Open the Google Chrome app, type chrome://history in the address bar.

    • Safari - Click the Bookmarks icon, then select History.

Safe Searching in Youtube

  • You are able to enable restricted mode in Youtube, which helps to screen content.

  • See this web page for instructions.

iPad Settings - Restrictions

Many parents may not be aware that, by default, iPads are set to allow explicit content which is meant for adults. We recommend that you enable restrictions on your child’s iPad, to limit access to such content.

You can locate these settings on the iPad by tapping:

  • Settings

  • General

  • Restrictions

  • Enter a Passcode**

  • Then swipe to Allowed Content.

More information about restrictions can be found here at Apple Support.

Types of content you may choose to restrict:

  • Ratings - select Australia in the ratings section to apply the appropriate content ratings for our region.

  • Music, Podcasts and iTunes U – turn off Explicit.

  • Films – allow movies rated G and PG only.

  • TV Programs – allow programs rated PCG and PG only.

  • Books – turn off Explicit Sexual Content.

  • Apps – allow apps up to age 17+ (See below for note re Google Chrome app).

  • Siri – turn off Explicit Language

  • Websites – Limit Adult Content

  • Passwords for purchases and free downloads – recommended.

Note re Google Chrome

  • The College is now a subscriber to Google for Education and all students (from Year 3 up) are provided with an account.

  • As part of the suite of Google apps for students at the Gandel Campus, Google Chrome is suggested. However, Chrome is rated for age 17+ in the App Store. This means restrictions on the student iPads have to be set to 17+ for apps.

  • If Family Sharing is set up, parents will be able to supervise which apps their child downloads, by turning on the Ask to Buy feature. Together with the other restrictions in place, this should ensure appropriate content for students.

** NB Make sure you keep your Restrictions passcode recorded.

If you lose or forget your Restrictions passcode, you'll need to erase your device and then set it up as a new device to remove the passcode. Restoring the device won't remove the passcode.

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