Lew Family Secondary School

Middle Years

Our Middle School has a purpose-designed curriculum in both Jewish and General Studies, acknowledging the very different and often less focussed learning styles of students during their adolescent years.

Middle School methodologies ensure our students' engagement during their most challenging years of physical and cognitive development. Schooling and education become relevant and inspiring to children who otherwise may not see them as such.

Scopus is an authorised deliverer of the IBO's Middle Years Programme, and our specialised curriculum promotes holistic learning and a global outlook within a framework of solid values.

With its own structure, professional leadership and staff, our Middle School can better provide programs that promote student leadership and involvement in many co-curricular, informal Jewish education and enrichment and extension activities.

Students in Years 7 and 8 have the opportunity to participate in the voluntary Hebrew Bilingual program. Students in Year 9 take part in the Achshav Initiative, a new, year long program which incorporates experiential and extension learning outside the classroom.

Mount Scopus College's Middle School produces creative thinkers, independent learners and problem solvers, guaranteeing our students future success at VCE level and beyond. You can learn more about the MYP in our Year 7 to 9 and Year 10  Curriculum Handbooks.

Victorian Certificate of Education

Senior School focuses on students who, as young adults, are aware of their responsibility towards learning. The staff, curriculum and teaching methodology are primarily determined by VCE and university entrance requirements, and Mount Scopus College is renowned for its students' academic achievements, consistently rating among the top schools in the state.

By offering a comprehensive subject selection in both Jewish and secular areas, including tertiary level and vocational options, Scopus gives our Senior School students the opportunity to reach their true potential, whether or not they are academically inclined.

Of course, academic results are only one measure of successful learning. At Scopus we provide a well-rounded experience which includes exposure to life and vocational skills. Programs such as Australian Business Week, work experience and our careers and course counseling help students prepare for the workforce. A vast array of co-curricular and leadership opportunities add to their school experience.

Our Informal Jewish Education team provides activities that create knowledgeable and committed young Jews, willing to contribute to the community. These include camps, trips, our renowned Year 11 Conference and Outreach.

More information on our VCE curriculum can be found in the College's Curriculum Handbooks, available for download in PDF format.


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