Enrolling for Early Learning Centres and Prep

Families have the option to enrol a child for Lower and Upper Kinder only, or as a path leading on to Prep and beyond at Scopus. Both these paths will be available to all prospective students irrespective of whether or not their parents are Scopus alumni.

Place offers for Lower Kinder will be made approximately a year prior to the start of the applicable Lower Kinder year.

In the first instance Lower Kinder place offers will be made for children who have also been registered for the relevant Prep year (concurrently enrolled). A deposit to be credited against Prep fees will be payable during the Kinder place offer process.

If after these place offers are made Lower Kinder places are still available then places may be offered to children who are registered for Lower and Upper Kinder only (non-concurrently enrolled).

A range of factors are taken into account when allocating places. These include, but are not limited to, the age of the child when enrolled and the family’s previous connection with the College, including whether the child has any siblings attending Scopus.

In general applications for direct entry at Upper Kinder cannot be accommodated. Direct entry into Prep, that is without attending Kinder at Scopus, is also very limited.