Enrolment Process

It is important that both the family and the College are understood in relation to their expectations and requirements before a student commences. Accordingly, Scopus offers the opportunity for an in-depth pre-commencement introduction and orientation process irrespective of the age and year level of the student. Depending on the entry year level being sought, the enrolment process can include a family meeting with senior College staff members, a tour of the campus and day visits. For families who are not yet living in Melbourne, pre-commencement contact can be organised via email and online face to face sessions.

A range of orientation activities depending on year level include parent information sessions, group and individual day visits and social activities, and for upper primary and secondary student levels assessment to ensure appropriate class replacement from the outset.

In general the process includes the following:

-       Campus tour / meeting with campus head and /or Principal;

-       Submission of enrolment registration form;

-       Place offers made (subject to availability) approximately six months prior to the commencement of the school year for which enrolment is sought;

-       Integration and orientation activities for both parents and students occur for the year level in Term 4, along with independently scheduled day visits for students, dependent on the year level for which enrolment is sought;

-       Pre-commencement assessments to ascertain the correct starting point in the streamed Numeracy and Hebrew classes (certain year levels only).  

Please note that no child can commence at the College until all documentation has been received and processed.

For further information about the enrolment process or to make an inquiry for your child, please contact our Registrar at (03) 9834 0070.