Upper Kinder starting information

We welcome you to Mount Scopus Memorial College. 

As we start to prepare for the 2022 academic year, please review the following information carefully regarding your child commencing at a Mount Scopus Memorial College Early Learning Centre. There is a lot of information so ensure you diarise event dates and information deadlines.

Please click through on each topic to access the information that you will need.

All parents in all year levels need to ensure they are familiar with the policies and information outlined in the Parent Handbook, on our website. The College's Child Protection Policy is also available on the same page. Any change to our policies is issued via the Scopus App and updates noted in the handbook. 

ELC hours and College calendar

Kindergarten program only

Monday to Thursday                                   8.30am – 3.00pm 

Friday                                                            8.30am – 12.00pm 

Casual care

Beforecare                                                     7.30am - 8.30am

Aftercare  Monday to Thursday                   3.00pm - 6.00pm 

Aftercare  Friday                                           12.00pm -5.00pm (Summer) / 4.00pm  (Winter)

Holiday program                                           8.00am - 6.00pm Mon-Thu / Fri - 4.00pm or 5.00pm per above

Long day care 40 week program 

Operates during school term only - includes kinder program, beforecare and aftercare per hours above

Long day care 48 week program 

Operates 48 weeks per year* - includes kinder program, beforecare, aftercare and holiday program per hours above.

Further information on these options is available by clicking here.

*In line with department regulations, 48 weeks per year indicates that the program will operate at least one day in a week. The number of operational days may vary in line with the calendar each year and the days of the week that Chagim and public holidays fall on. 

Drop off and pick up

At the start of the year as children settle into their new routines and become familiar with their new learning environment parents are required to walk into the room with their child to sign them in and drop them off in the mornings. As your child settles, if you wish to transition to using the drop off bay, where your child will be greeted by a staff member who will escort them to their room and sign them in, then please discuss this with your teacher to see if they feel the timing is right to do so. 

In the afternoon all children must be collected directly from the room; this cannot be done via the pick up bay. 

These arrangements are subject to change in line with the COVID safe restrictions which may be varied from time to time.


Complete information regarding school dates for the coming two years can be found on the Mount Scopus website which can be viewed here.

The kindergarten program operates in line with the school terms in the calendar with the following exceptions:

  • The kinders are closed on staff development days in Terms 2, 3 and 4, but the holiday program is available. 
  • Holiday program is available during term holidays.

Required documentation

All required documentation completed and submitted by Friday 26 November

The key documentation required include the following:

  • Birth certificate - you will be contacted to provide this if  it was not already submitted at the time of enrolment
  • Medical and emergency contact information 
  • Government required data 
  • Child Care Subsidy Form / Waiver - accesss via the fees and subsidy tab below.

You will receive the required login credentials and be enabled to complete the medical and emergency contact information and the government required data later in the year.

No child will be able to commence at Scopus whilst there is any outstanding documentation.  

A copy of your child's birth certificate must be submitted prior to commencement. You will be contacted by Enrolments if it hasn't already been provided. 

Click here to access written instructions for each section and the applicable year levels, where relevant.

Kinder readiness, deferring and repeating

Once a child commences the school will assess whether a child should repeat a year, in consultation with parents, based solely on the child’s development. A child’s date of birth is not a factor considered by the school when recommending whether repeating a year level is necessary or not.

If parents wish their child to repeat when the advice from the school is not to do so, then we cannot guarantee there will be a place for a child to repeat either of the kinder levels. If we are able to offer a place for a child to repeat when it is not recommended by the school, then parents may be liable to pay additional costs in lieu of government funding for that kinder place if the funding is withheld. 

Some children with specific learning difficulties such as those with autism, speech issues and the like, would not necessarily benefit from repeating a year. Targeted support strategies may better assist with the child's development. 

If you do have any issues concerning you about your child’s readiness or support that you believe will be required then please contact Enrolments so we can discuss strategies with you. 

Toileting skills and expectations

We expect that all children starting kinder will be toilet trained during the day, including at nap time, and are able to undo and fasten their clothes as part of the self-toileting process. Having children who are not yet toilet trained affects the quality of the program as the educators are taken away from the children’s learning and development. In a class of up to 25 children, an average of five to ten minutes per accident has an ongoing impact on the learning of the child leaving the group, as well as the entire class as learning  activities are interrupted.  

  • If a child has not acquired independent toileting skills when commencing due to a disability, developmental or health related issue that impacts on the child’s ability to achieve independence in toileting skills, it is the family’s responsibility to provide this information to the school nurse on nurses@scopus.vic.edu.au.  
  • Parents will work in collaboration with staff and referral service/paediatrician as outlined in parent responsibilities in toilet coaching  skills pathway.

Any issues with toileting must be discussed with the child's teacher as early as possible so a support plan can be put in place.

Class placement information / profile form

At Mount Scopus we want to see our children flourish. Our aim is for children to not only develop their intellectual skills but also their social and emotional wellbeing. This is the time that they begin to learn valuable social skills and use them to build meaningful relationships. We want children to become resilient, sociable and confident learners.

When considering class placements, we take a long term approach. We know from experience when a group of familiar children start together, the first few days are comforting but this can often lead to social exclusivity and the inability to make new friends in the long term. For this reason we do not seek to place cousins in the same class.

We shall endeavour to put your child with one familiar friend, but where possible, shall not place entire social groups together. 

With this in mind, we ask you to complete a child profile form and include the names of up to three children your child is familiar with (if available) who will be entering Mount Scopus in 2022 in the form. 

Please click here to access the form for Upper Kinder entry and complete by Friday 22 October.

Requests for a specific teacher, even based on experience with an older child, will not be considered. Parents can write an e-mail to the ELC coordinator, Shana Upiter stating relevant information that may include not being placed with a relative, any specific learning requirements needed for their child or any information relating to the social/ emotional needs of their child.  

Our aim is for our children to develop their resilience so that as young adults they will have the skills to adapt to the ever changing challenges of life, coping with inevitable setbacks, losses and disappointments, but be able to return to a state of emotional well-being.

Commencement schedule

Upper Kinder children will commence the year with a half day on Day 1, being Tuesday 1 February. The children will finish at midday so will not be required to bring lunch with them. 

From Wednesday 2 February children will attend for the full day as per the kinder program operating hours. 

Aftercare is available from Day 1. 

Beforecare commences on Day 2. 

Out of School Hours Care
Beforecare and aftercare 

The school offers casual beforecare and aftercare. There is no charge for Beforecare, which runs from 7.30am. 

Aftercare sessions include activity workshops which operate on a term by term basis. The cost is included for the Long Day Care (40 and 48 weeks) packages or is available to book on an ad hoc basis or for the term for children booked for the Kinder Program only.

Beforecare runs from 7.30am; aftercare is available until 6.00pm Monday to Thursday and 4.00pm or 5.00pm on Friday depending on the time of year. 

A late collection fee is payable per block of 15 minutes if the child is still on the premises after the stated closing time. We encourage parents and carers to arrive no later than 15 minutes prior to closing to allow for handover and collection. 

Casual bookings can be booked in via the parent resources section of the App from mid-January; ensure you have downloaded the app by this time. 

Activity workshops are ordinarily run every day in aftercare and are advertised prior to the beginning of each term break . These includes activities such as  Soccerwise, musical theatre or yoga. Even if your child would not ordinarily attend aftercare, you can book them in. 

Workshops need to be booked in for the whole term. Even if you have selected the Long day care or Extended care fee structure for your child you will still need to book them into the specific activity workshops if you would like them to participate. 

Holiday program (cost included in Long Day Care program option)

Mount Scopus offers holiday programs for ELC children after they have commenced kinder. Although generally run at each campus sometimes these will be held at one campus based on the maintenance needs of the College, varying between FKI and GBH, with children from each campus kept together in different rooms to ensure they are with other children who are familiar to them. 

Holiday programs open for bookings approximately two weeks prior to the holidays. Our OSHC Coordinator works hard to provide a wonderful variety of activities and incursions for our kinder-aged children each holiday.

The holiday program complements our kinder program to ensure that our ELCs are open for 48 weeks per year. The ELC is closed for two weeks over the Summer break, all Chagim including the whole of Pesach and gazetted public holidays. Outside of school term, the holiday program operates at all other times including all staff development days. Refer to the College calendar by clicking here.

Prices for casual OSHC bookings are available on the relevant fee schedule each year.  The fees for the school year will be finalised  early in December, approximately six weeks prior to the year commencing.

**COVID notice** 

  • some activity workshops may not be able to operate during the COVID-19 pandemic period.
  • food may not be provided during the COVID pandemic period.
Communicating with parents

Parent communication

Your child will be involved with various staff for their pastoral care as well as their education.

For pastoral care, your first point of contact is your child's classroom teachers who you will meet at the pre-commencement interview in January.  

Overseeing the pastoral care of all students is the ELC Director, who liaises closely with the classroom teachers and Student Services. The Deputy Principal - Primary, is also at the campus regularly throughout each week. 

For educational queries, please contact the classroom teacher directly.  Teachers are available to answer any queries about your child throughout the year and are best contacted by email or via a phone message which will be returned when they are not teaching. 

Contact details of all relevant staff caring for your child will be provided at the start of the school year however information is also available in the Useful Contact Information section below. 

The parent / teacher meetings are held in Terms 1, 2 and 4 for ELC students.

If you have any concerns about your child which you feel you need to advise prior to commencement then please contact Enrolments.

Communicating with separated parents

All communication with parents is predicated on the basis that, unless there are court orders in place to the contrary, parents share responsibility for the long term welfare of their children and have the right to be involved in, and communicated with about all relevant issues. 

Parents are responsible for advising the College of any changes in their family situation. If parents separate and then reconcile, this information should also be passed on to the College.

If there is a court ordered collection schedule in place then both parents are responsible for submitting a copy of a schedule noting which parent should be collecting on which day for the entire school year. This can be done by one parent copying the other in when emailing the schedule to the Enrolment Director. The College is not a party to court orders and is not responsible for working through the orders to determine the collection schedule. 

The College maintains systems which clearly show the details of both parents to teachers and other relevant staff who are responsible for communicating directly with individual families. Teachers and other staff are trained in how to read and act on this information.

The vast majority of information regarding students' activities and learning is posted on the Scopus App (and Toddle for ELC and school-aged children).

Emails or phone calls are only used for individual and private matters.

Consent is required from both parents for their child/ren to participate in some activities however if one parent does not respond, then it is presumed that they will abide by the response of the other parent. If one parent provides consent and the other withholds it then the student will not be able to participate in the activity.  

We understand that in some cases, communication between separated parents and sharing of details can be a sensitive issue. We urge all parents to understand that the procedures developed by the College are designed to place their child/ren's welfare as the top priority and allow the staff responsible for their well-being to proceed with clarity. Ensuring the information we have remains current is vital to achieving that outcome. 

Most tools used by the College (Scopus App, FlexiSchools, Toddle, QK Kiosk/Xplor House) are based on individual rather than family user so the processes do not differ for split families, However, for  the key tools, Parent Lounge and Operoo, separated parent/guardian users of these apps may have different or additional procedures when using them from other families - please click here to access.

Orientation opportunities

Please diarise the relevant dates outlined below. More detailed information will be sent in advance of each event. 


The orientation opportunities are designed to ensure that by the time they commence kinder next year, children feel comfortable in the environment and have been provided with the chance to make social connections. 

Class lists will be provided prior to the holidays to allow parents to connect and scheduled playdates. Parent contact details will be available on Parent Lounge. 

When you receive your teacher’s photos with your class list, put them up where your child will see them and use their names often in conversation. Let their names and function become part of your regular conversation at home.

Prior to the start of kinder next year, an appointment is scheduled for each child individually to come with their parent/s to meet their general and Jewish studies teachers. This provides the time for teachers to learn about each child and any specific likes or dislikes that they have. Allowing time for this meeting helps to smooth the transition into kindergarten. These will take place on Friday 28 and Monday 31 January 2021.  This information will be included with the class list information. 

You will also be given a College sunhat (and kova for boys) at this interview, which will be kept at Kinder. If these are lost then parents will need to purchase a replacement from the campus office.

Booking the pre-commencement interview

Kinders will be utilising the online booking system to assist you in securing your preferred interview times with teachers. Families are asked to access the system through the Parent Lounge area on the Mount Scopus Memorial College website www.scopus.vic.edu.au

Bookings will be open from 6.00am on Wednesday 19 January 2022 and will close on Wednesday 26 January 2022 at 4:00 pm.

When you log into Parent Lounge, you will see the module button flashing green indicating you can ‘Book Now’. Prior to that date the module will appear as ‘Scheduled’.

Please see the Websites, Apps and Portals section for more information on Parent Lounge. Your login credentials will be sent later in the year.  

NB: If you have problems logging into Parent Lounge please try from a desktop, laptop or tablet, rather than from a mobile phone. You can use the Parent Lounge link on the top bar of this page. For any further problems call Nicki at GBH on 9900 4600.


Nor are parents forgotten. 

An information and orientation session is scheduled for Tuesday 8 February, 2022. This will provide the opportunity to meet other parents in the class and meet the teachers in your child's class.                                                   

Once the year commences teachers and the school communicate with parent through a number of digital Apps:

The Toddle App is a digital portfolio showing both group and individual learning. 

Teachers and admin post notices to the Scopus App regularly updating them on upcoming events, giving vital information.

Each campus posts a newsletter weekly which can also be found on the App.

It is important for parents to keep up to date with these notices as this is a main communication forum. 

See the Websites, apps and portals tab for more information.

New Parents Welcome

First time parents at Mount Scopus in all year levels will be invited to our New Parents Welcome sessions scheduled to be held just prior to school commencing. In 2022 this is scheduled for the evening of Thursday 3 February, 2022. This allows the opportunity to meet some of the College Leadership Team, as well as other new parents. Invitations will be sent in December. 

Websites, apps and portals

The following guide outlines the details for all year levels across the College.

College website

The College website hosts a range of information, including:

Campus details

Primary and Secondary curriculum handbooks,

College calendar

Parent handbook

Parent Lounge access,

Our Scopus Family - donations; volunteering; Parents Association, alumni, grandparents and friends

The Scopus Facebook page is also accessible via our website. Please note: in line with cyber safety guidelines we ask that photos are not tagged, nor any names of children in the photo divulged. You can ‘friend’ this page in order to access regular posts of photos and other information from across the College.

The Scopus YouTube channel is linked to the website. It is worthwhile revisiting some recent announcements and Rabbi Kennard's end of term messages which really showcase the energy and diversity of what is on offer at Mount Scopus. 

Two of the key tools that are used at Scopus are the Parent Lounge and the Scopus App. 

Scopus App

Almost all daily information and notices, as well as weekly campus newsletters are delivered via the Scopus App. 

The App also hosts links to a range of other resources and portals for parents that are discussed in this guide, such as Flexischools, the Caf online ordering system; Operoo; the Campion resources list; and the Driver Bus online booking portal, as well as providing another convenient link to Parent Lounge.

You will need to download the Scopus App via the instructions here and then on the settings tab, subscribe to the 2022 tags that relate to your child/ren, for example,  2022 SFPS - Year 5 or 2022 FKI - Lower Kinder or Bus D. This will enable you to receive only the notifications that are relevant for you. 

Further information regarding the changes to the Scopus App will be communicated during the course of Term 1. 

Parent Lounge

You will be issued with the login credentials to access Parent Lounge in the lead up to your child commencing. It is accessible in the header menu on the College website. 

Parent Lounge is used for a range of purposes, primarily:

  • maintaining your current contact details, and sharing them with other parents in your child's year level, 
  • organising parent teacher interview times,  
  • accessing school academic reports for Year 7 onward,
  • accessing your child's ongoing assessment results and dates, and their daily timetable for Year 7 onward,
  • paying school fees, and 
  • accessing 'How To' videos for the portals and apps under the School Links menu - NB: you will only be able to access this feature once you are a current parent. 

Operoo (formerly CareMonkey)

The College uses Operoo to fulfill its duty of care in medical and consent requirements for excursions and other off-campus activities. This system also provides you as parents with the opportunity to update medical information promptly and accurately.  

In the lead up to a student’s first day at school, parents will receive an invitation from Operoo to create a profile for their child, and share it with the College. Once you have created your child's profile, you can also opt to share them with any entity with a duty of care for your child/ren, eg Maccabi.

If you are already an Operoo customer through another organisation, you will be notified by the Operoo system that the College has joined. If so, adding the College as a trusted user is as simple as clicking on that notice.


Cafeteria orders can be made via Flexischools. It is accessible via the Parent Resources section on the Scopus App or via a web browser - www.flexischools.com.au

Parents set up an account for each child and then can place orders ahead of time, or up to 9.30am on the morning that lunch is required. Orders can also be changed or cancelled.  

There is a range of daily specials, both hot and cold, that vary from day to day.

This is particularly handy if students have left their lunch at home and are not carrying cash with them.  

Some Parents Association lunch orders in the primary school are also made via Flexischools.


Toddle is an online learning journal and digital portfolio used at Mount Scopus from Little Learners to Year 6. 

Toddle is a simple way for teachers and students to record and share their learning and what's been happening in the classroom.

The access information and links will be made available to parents prior to the commencement of school. You will need to ensure you are subscribed to your child's year level and class on the Scopus App.

Kinder program options and fees, government subidies and funding

Our ELCs  are licensed as Approved Long Day Care Centres through Mount Scopus Memorial College Early Learning Limited (ABN 44 611 377 881). By submitting the Child Care Subsidy form, we are able to process the government subsidy for you if your family is eligible. 

Centrelink submits all subsidies directly to a child's ELC which reduces the out-of-pocket fees paid by families. 

Please complete and submit the Child Care Subsidy Form by Friday 29 October. 

As well as the Child Care Subsidy (CCS), families suffering temporary financial hardship or have a child at risk, amongst others, may also be eligible for the Additional Child Care Subsidy (ACCS). Further information is available via Centrelink

Fees and the fee policy are always available on the College website - click here to access - and will be updated each December for the following year.

In 2022 you will have the choice to select from three options which will be the same at both campuses; 

  1. Kindergarten program only (fee is frozen from 2020)
  2. Long Day Care - 40 weeks (LDC 40)
  3. Long Day Care - 48 weeks (LDC 48)

If you select the Kindergarten program only then you will be able to book into Out of Hours School Care (OHSC) on an ad hoc basis as needed. 

If you select LDC 40 (kinder + beforecare and aftercare) then you will be able to book into the holiday program on an ad hoc basis as needed. 

If you select LDC 48 then this is fully inclusive of beforecare, aftercare and  holiday program for all operating days. 

If your family is not eligible for the Child Care Subsidy (CCS) then you will need to pay the Tuition Fees in full to the College.

All three programs attract the CCS and ACCS for eligible families. 

Further information on the three programs is available here - Kinder program options FAQs including access to our child care subsidy calculator which will provide an indicative out of pocket cost based on each family's CCS entitlements.

Your selection can be made via the link on the CCS Calculator page in the FAQs.

Direct debits, pre-payment and the CCS

If you are unsure as to the level of CCS that you will receive and wish to set up a direct debit for fees, then our Accounts department will work with you to determine a suitable direct debit payment, which can then be adjusted if necessary, once the subsidy amount is known. 

This can only be done until after the fee statements have been issued in January, so although we will claim the CCS on your behalf and apply it as a credit against your fees your fee statement will reflect the full fees being charged. A direct debit form will be sent with the fee statement where you can indicate the dollar amount of the CCS you expect to receive over the calendar year. That can be amended during the course of the year if there are any discrepancies or changes to the level of CCS you expect to receive. 

Families who are pre-paying their fees will need to phone Accounts after their statement has been received and advise them of their expected CCS amount, which will be factored in when calculating the pre-payment discount. 

Any enquiries regarding your family's eligibility or subsidy level should be directed to Centrelink. 

As part of the funding agreement we are obliged to advise that the Federal Government provides for 15 hours of kinder per week for each child in the year prior to entering school. Parents may be able to access a free kinder program for the entire 15 hours per week at another centre. The structure of fees for the Mount Scopus kinder programs are for around 30 hours per week.

Summary checklist

Summary checklist:

  • complete and submit child profile form by Friday 22 October 
  • email a head shot of your child with their name in the subject line as advised by Friday 22 October.
  • submit the Child Care Subsidy form with information or waiver by 29 October, 2021.
  • once requested, ensure all medical and emergency contact information is completed by Friday 26 November.
  • schedule pre-commencement parent/child/teacher meeting after class lists are issued in early December.
  • download Toddle App by 14 January 2022
  • download Scopus App (instructions tba) by 14 January 2022
  • check and update information on Parent Lounge by 14 January 2022
  • book parent teacher meeting time on 28 or 31 January via Parent Lounge between 20 January and 27 January 2022
  • complete child profile on Operoo when you receive the invitation from the College.
Useful contact information

ELC Key Contacts

Once your child commences, the following are the key contact details you may require.

ELC Coordinator:                                                       Shana Upiter                              03 9900 4648

                                                                               OR  0407 726 272      

OSHC Coordinator:                                                   Beny Zimberg                               bzimberg@scopus.vic.edu.au

Fink Karp lvany Campus:                                                                                              03 8554 4700

To contact campus administration

To contact all teaching staff

To contact all student support  staff

OSHC FKI                                                                                                                           0411 560 380

Szalmuk Family ELC at Gandel Besen House:                                                             03 9900 4600

To contact Campus  Coordinator                           

To contact campus administration

To contact all teaching staff

To contact all student support  staff

OSHC GBH                                                                                                                        0450 565 024 


Child Care Subsidy enquiries                                 Edita Kucharski                                 03 9834 0023

Tuition fee payments                                              Carmen Stania                                03 9834 0026

Main Reception - Gandel Campus, Burwood:                                                              03 9834 0000  

For general enquiries at the College  

To contact financial and clerical administrative staff  

Principal’s Office:                                                                                                          03 9834 0005  

To contact College Principal only:                         Rabbi Kennard


Deputy Principals:  

Deputy Principal, Primary:                                   Greg Hannon                                  03 9900 4602

Deputy Principal, Director of Alter Family School of Jewish Studies and Ivrit

                                                                                 Matti Borowski                                03 9834 0003

Parents Association                                                                                                     03 9834 0160


Health Centre, iIlness and medication

FKI and GBH each has a Health Centre staffed by Registered Nurses from 8.30am to 3.30pm. 

Nursing staff are contactable per the details below. 

FKI -  8554 4758 or fkinurses@scopus.vic.edu.au

GBH - 9900 4677 or gbhnurses@scopus.vic.edu.au

Outside of normal operating times, staff operating activities before or after school have undergone first aid training.

For your own child’s benefit, and the well-being of other students and staff please do not send sick children to school or kinder. An unwell child will not be able to concentrate or learn effectively, and conversely, risks becoming more unwell and delaying their recovery by not being able to rest. 

Medication will only be administered for chronic illnesses, asthma or anaphylaxis. If your child requires other medication then they are not deemed well enough to be attending school. 

The Victorian government maintains a list of the minimum periods of exclusion from primary schools and children’s services for infectious diseases cases and their contacts. Click here to access.

Nut policy 

The College has an ‘Allergy Aware’ policy. Staff and students are strongly encouraged not to bring nut or nut based products onto the College Campus, however this cannot be guaranteed. All anaphylactic students are strongly encouraged to question the ingredients of all foods they eat.


Please ensure that any allergies, including hayfever, are noted in the medical section via Parent Lounge, so symptoms are not unnecessarily confused with COVID symptoms.

COVID-like symptoms

If your child has COVID-like symptoms they will need to provide a negative COVID test result before returning. 

If your child has been unwell and has post-viral symptoms you will need to provide a negative COVID test result and a doctor's certificate as medical clearance before they can return to Little Learners.