Artist in-residene creates with J.KB. Fletcher

He will also speak at length to Visual Arts classes about his inspiration, techniques and what it is like to be an artist. Students will then create their own works inspired by the artist. Fletch will also run workshops with selected students on his individual painting techniques, so that they can produce a composite mural based on a photo shoot he completed.

 His highly realistic work revolves around the human form often with reference to masks and super heroes. He originally started painting toy super heroes as a humorous celebration. He wanted to embody them as godlike figures to show their place in today’s society, as they’re used to instil good morals, values, high hopes and virtue into children, as well as entertain them. However, they have severe weakness, and are often hugely flawed in one particular area and their ‘normal’ life.

Fletch is will have a solo exhibition at Armadale’s Metro gallery in August.