Highest Ulpan participation

Mount Scopus College will experience it’s highest ever participation rate in the optional Year 10 Ulpan programs.

A new record of almost 90% of the year level will travel to Israel on Ulpan programs in the coming months.


Thirteen students departed in early November on the new nine week program and will spend the first four weeks based in Jerusalem, attending Hebrew classes, taking part in school activities at two local high schools and volunteering at Haddasah Hospital. Students will also spend time with host families from the two schools and attend youth movement activities with their Israeli peers.


In early December they will be joined by their 87 classmates on the five week program to explore Israel from north to south, visiting the Galilee and Golan Heigts regions, Tzfat, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Eilat and everything in between. The group will also spend time volunteering in Israel and make a three day visit to Prague to gain an insight into the once thriving Jewish communities of Eastern Europe.


Deputy Principal, Director of the Alter Family School of Jewish Studies and Ivrit, Avi Cohen said, “The popularity of the Ulpan program is a validation of the success of our Jewish Studies and Hebrew programs at the College”.


We wish all our Ulpaniks an enriching and memorable time in Eretz Israel.