Scopus in France

A group of Mount Scopus College students will spend three weeks immersed in French culture as they connect with the Jewish community in Paris and travel the countryside experiencing the highlights of French culture and history.


The students, ranging from Years 8 to 11 will spend a week billeted with families from Groupe Scolaire Rachi in Paris – a Jewish school for boys and girls from Prep to Year 12.

In addition to the sights of Paris, including spending time in the Jewish (Marais) quarter, students will attend classes at Groupe Scolaire Rachi with their hosts.


They will then visit Versailles, and the towns of Lyon, Nice and Marseille, taking in both the Jewish history and cultural aspects of these magnificent cities. Lyon is home to the great synagogue, built in 1864 as well as the beautiful Neve Shalom Sephardic synagogue, while Marseille is home to the second largest Jewish community in France and has the largest Jewish population anywhere on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, outside Israel.


The aim of the trip is to not only help students improve their French, but to broaden their knowledge and appreciation of other cultures and hopefully strengthen the ties between the Melbourne and Paris Jewish communities.