Digital Fun

Learning and Life at Scopus Sunday, 11 Jul 2021

Creating and using robotics excites our young learners like nothing else. Students in Prep to Year 2 have been taking part in the Digital Fun lunchtime enrichment club with our Creative Technology Leader at GBH, Mr Steve Marks.

Student Digital Leaders support their peers to develop confidence and agency in problem solving using intuitive apps and tools. Our student leaders facilitate mini tutorials, offer support and encourage the safe and responsible use of technology, thus developing their own confidence and skills at the same time.

Making short comedic films using iMovie has proved very popular, with students using in school backgrounds, and utilising the green screen to take them to worlds beyond.

Robotics has enjoyed an upgrade with a great set of Sphero Bolts with a wider range of programmable features, as well as Hummingbird kits that allow students to design and build robotic devices. Using a variety of programs to code and create, including ScratchJr and Hopscotch, students particularly like Maker’s Empire which allows them to make basic three-dimensional sculptures using digital sculpting tools.