Baker Family Cafeteria

The Baker Family Cafeteria on the Gandel Campus at Burwood provides a wide range of nutritious Kosher food for students and staff. Seasonal and daily specials are available in addition to a large every-day menu.

All food prepared by the Cafeteria is done so under the supervision of the College Rabbi and only Kosher Australia approved ingredients are used.

The Baker Family Cafeteria menu is now available on-line via Flexischools.
Click here to visit the Flexischools website to find out more and register your child.


Lunch Orders

Smorgon Family Primary School

Parents of students at the Smorgon Family Primary School can order their child's/children's lunch on-line via Flexischools.

As Primary students are not permitted to visit the Cafeteria during the school day, parents should ensure that lunch orders are submitted on-line via Flexischools no later than 9:30am on any given school day.

Lew Family Secondary School

Students at the Lew Family Secondary School (or their parents) may wish to order their lunch on-line to reduce time spent in queues during lunch break. Orders can be placed on-line via Flexischools.

Secondary students can visit the Cafeteria any time (provided they are not missing a class) between 7:00am and 4:00pm to order in person.

Fink Karp Ivany and Gandel Besen House campuses

The Mount Scopus Parents' Association runs lunch services at these campuses. Please see the Parents' Asssociation page for more information.


Orders made on-line via Flexischools can be paid with your Visa card or MasterCard, Direct Deposit, or with Payclick by Visa.

The Cafeteria only accepts cash if ordering on campus. Parents are discouraged from giving students large notes for security reasons.


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