Medical and Emergency contact information (all year levels)

By law, ELCs (including aftercare and holiday program for school aged children) are required to hold the current Australian Immunisation Registry Status certificate for each enrolled student. No other documents are acceptable based on the legislation, including immunisation certificates from other countries. Regulations dictate that a new certificate be provided every six months to cover all required immunisations up to and including the vaccinations for four year olds.

For entry into Prep to Year 7 the immunisation certificate will be required at the time of entry into Scopus and then no further action will be required. 

The College also requires immunisation certificates for all students entering Year 8 and above to ensure outbreaks of diseases can be managed. In the case of an outbreak, any student for whom we do not hold an Australian Immunisation Registry Status certificate showing that they have been immunised will be excluded in line with public health guidelines. 

Additionally, the health centre must be provided with complete medical details for each child, along with emergency contact and GP details . The procedures for this is outlined below, and should take approximately 10 minutes to complete, including the upload of the required documents (immunisation status certificate and condition management plan, where relevant). 

Providing immunisation status certificates

To upload your child’s current immunisation status certificate please follow the instructions below. 

Providing immunisation status certificates

To upload your child’s current immunisation status certificate please follow the instructions below.

How get immunisation history statement - Medicare online

  1. Download the AIR certificate using the link above
  2. Log in to Parent Lounge and select Enrolled Student Details on the top menu bar
  3. Scroll down the menu and select Medical Details
  4. Select Australian Immunisation Register
  5. Click the +New button/Update
  6. Choose file and upload the immunisation history statement 
  7. In the box 'Statement /form as at date: Add the date this form was last updated (on the top of the immunisation history statement). All other fields in this immunisation tab are for office use only
  8. Click submit changes.

NB: If there are any additional comments, for example exemption for medical reasons, then please note that in the Details field before submitting the data;  no other exemption is allowed. 

  • Providing / updating general, medical and GP details
  • Follow step 2 above 
  • Select General Medical Details 
  • Click on Update to complete all the fields in this section.  NB: it is not a legal requirement to provide ambulance subscription or Medicare numbers at enrolment.
  • The GP practice / name is added via  select Medical Practitioners, +New button.

Providing / updating information on medical and dietary conditions  

  • Follow steps 2 to 5 outlined above to complete information on any medical condition. 
  • Step 6 will allow you to select a medical or dietary condition(including allergy, anaphylaxis, sensitivity or preference) from the pre-populated drop down list. 
  • Continue from Step 7 onward, including document uploads if necessary as Step 11, such as a condition  management plan.(mandatory for any of anaphylaxis, diabetes, asthma, epilepsy)  

Providing / updating emergency contact information via Parent Lounge

To execute our duty of care for all students, and to meet legislative requirements, the College needs to hold the contact details of emergency contacts for each student in case parents cannot be reached in an emergency situation.

Emergency contact (Same):  any person who is to be notified of an emergency involving the child if the parent./guardian of the child cannot be immediately contacted 

Little Learners to Year 6

Students entering these levels will also require the following fields to be completed.

Authorised nominee (Nominee - collect): a person who has been given permission by a parent or family member to collect the child from kinder or OSHC and to care for the child after an accident, injury, trauma or illness.

NB: a child cannot be released into the care of any person not listed in this section. There is space for four contacts to be entered, and they can be updated at any time by the parent on Parent Lounge.

The following categories are required to be completed for all ELC children and all primary children who attend after care and / or holiday program at any time.

Authorised to authorise medical treatment (Nominee - medical) - a person who is authorised by the parents to consent to medical treatment if the parents cannot be contacted.

Authorised to authorise to take offsite (Auth - offsite) - any person who is authorised to authorise an educator to take the child outside the education and care service premises

Authorised for all of the above (Nominee - all) - encompasses permissions for all of the above categories.

To add the details that the College holds follow the instructions below:

  • Enter Parent Lounge and select Parent Details on the top menu bar. 
  • Scroll down the menu and select Address Details.
  • Each record is divided; 
  • select Add or Update  Address to update the physical address details
  • Select Add or Update Contact Details to update the phone and email details for the contact. 
  • Enter Submit Changes to save and confirm the details. 
ELC / OSHC Lawful authority and authorisations (Little Learners - Year 6)

By law all ELC parents must complete the following form.

It should also be completed for primary school-aged children if your child will be using beforecare or aftercare, or the holiday program at any stage.

ELC / OSHC 2022 authorisation form

​Child Care Subsidy form (Little Learners to Year 6 only)

This form must be completed for all ELC children (Little Learners and Kindergarten).

It should also be completed for primary school children if your child will be using before or after care, or the holiday program at any stage.

2022 Child Care Subsidy form

MCEECDYA Government Data Collection (all year levels)

Please note: this section can only be completed in January. 

Log on to Parent Lounge  (see Websites, apps and portals page)

Select Student Details / General Details / scroll down to MCEECDYA details Click 'Update'  Complete each  field, selecting from the relevant dropdown box and then save.  NB:  ensure you complete the Occupation Group correctly based on your current or recent role (within the last 12 months). It is  important to complete the fields accurately as it impacts the funding the College receives, and thus the fees charged to parents. You must select the category that reflects your job, not your education level in the Occupation Group field.  

Click here to see  the list of occupation groups

NB: if you have not been in paid employment in the last 12 months, select the relevant field, OR if there is only one parent, leave the other field blank.