Year 7 entry

The transition from primary to secondary schooling for many students and their parents can be an exciting but somewhat nervous time. To ease any concerns, Mount Scopus offers various opportunities to introduce students to the College and their potential future classmates in an effort to ensure families are comfortable with the decision they make about the next stage of schooling. 

The following components are part of the enrolment process for students entering into Year 7.

Year 7 Scopus Experience offers students the opportunity to visit and experience the College with a group of other prospective students toward the end of their Year 5 year.

Individual trial visits place the visitors in Year 6 with their Scopus counterparts offering the opportunity to experience the standard of learning alongside developing or consolidating social connections. 

The Transition Day late in Year 6 brings in all confirmed new Year 7 starters alongside the current Year 6 students at Mount Scopus for a full orientation and integration day, where they will meet the head of year and other teaching staff.

Parent information evenings with the College Principal, and the Deputy Principals responsible for Secondary, and  for the Alter Family School of Jewish Studies and Ivrit provide information prior to entry. They will discuss the College ethos, the curriculum as well as extra-curricular programs and activities, both Jewish and secular, that are on offer. A session early in the school year enables parents to understand the day to day schedules and meet their child's teachers and other class parents. 

The Year 7 orientation session is the first formal day for the Year 7 students and is held the day prior to the official commencement of the school year for all other levels. This is when the Year 7 students will learn of their class placement and locker allocation, meet their Mech (homeroom) teacher, and orient themselves with their classrooms.

The process ensures that our new Year 7 students have had multiple exposure opportunities to the campus and other students which aids a smooth transition into the College at the start of secondary school. 

For further information on the enrolment process or details about the programs on offer please call Enrolments on 9834 0070,  click here, or complete the form below.