Year 3 Discovery Centre

Creating a program that inspires leaders... from 2021 our new Year 3 Discovery Centre will give students agency in their learning like never before. 

In 2021 the Year 3 Discovery Centre will be officially launched. This exciting new initiative will promote student agency, giving our students voice and often choice in their learning and will provide an opportunity to promote innovation that can be transferred to other parts of the school.

An innovation lab will be used for animation, science experiments, 3D printing and robotics. It will also be home to a kitchen garden program that will allow our students to develop skills that can then be transferred to the Year 4 and 5 program at our SFPS campus. Integrating specialist areas into core subjects will allow for richer and deeper learning experiences.

A newly developed performing arts hall will be used for assemblies, movie making and three sound proof private instrumental music studios. The design, incorporating professional lighting, projection facilities, green screen and shadow screen, allow for digital production and performance, seating up to 100 people.  A comprehensive instrumental music program will be offered to all students enrolled at the Discovery Centre.

Students will contribute to the running of the campus in real and tangible ways, such as running their own cafe twice a week. This hones a range of skills. Students will further develop numeracy skills in an applied setting, along with an understanding of nutrition, customer service and teamwork. 

The Year 3 students will also have opportunities for collaboration and leadership beyond the year level with older and younger students on the other campuses as well as with our Little Learners and kinder children at FKI. 

Technology, already integrated seamlessly into the primary curriculum, will have an ever stronger focus, with students exposed to a wider range of technologies and innovative applications for them. 

Jewish Life will be most evident throughout the Discovery Centre with both formal and informal programs taking place on site. The focus on using Hebrew at the Discovery Centre will become another hallmark of a Scopus education. The learning of Hebrew will be further enhanced by all PE lessons being facilitated in Hebrew. Increasing the amount of spoken and heard Ivrit further anchors our students with their heritage and culture, and reinforces Hebrew as a living language.

Students will learn in individually climate controlled classroom, and the newly landscaped gardens and playgrounds will have informal seating for students, a pizza oven and BBQ. The animal enclosure for our rabbits and chickens will be looked after by students as they come to collect the eggs for the kitchen program. The outdoor spaces will also include a newly installed oval with a running track and a complex ropes playground that will challenge all children. 

The video below outlines the new spaces and how they will be used to maximise the learning and enrichment opportunities. 

Focusing on creativity and opportunity, leadership and collaboration, the Discovery Centre will open up the minds of our students to create the leaders of the future.  Interested to learn more on how to make this innovative program available for your child? Contact Enrolments for more information or to schedule a visit.