Early Learning

Early learning at Mount Scopus College is focused on the needs of the child. We set the all-important foundation for each child's physical, social, emotional, cognitive and spiritual development in our ELC programs.

Shana Upiter, ELC Director 

As a deliverer of the Primary Years Programme of the International Baccalaureate Organisation, our program develops lifelong learning skills, independence and responsibility in children. As a Jewish school, Jewish beliefs and values are embedded in the curriculum and across every learning area.

We offer a range of programs within our ELCs,which are Approved Long Day Care Centres and thus families that meet the government's eligibility criteria receive the government subsidies to help offset the cost of early learning. 

Our programs are offered in two locations as outlined in the table below: the Szalmuk Family Early Learning Centre at Gandel Besen House (GBH) in St Kilda East and the Fink Karp Ivany Early Learning Centre (FKI) in Caulfield South. The program offered is the same at both locations as the teachers join together for planning and development. 

Both campuses offer Out of School Hours Care (OSHC) which incorporates beforecare, aftercare and holiday program, and both have been recognised repeatedly by the regulatory authority as Exceeding National Quality Standards, the highest available rating for early learning centres. 

"Educators implemented programs in ways which were responsive to children’s needs, as well as their emerging strengths, interests and knowledge. 

Purposeful play spaces were provided for all children to explore, and the design of the facilities contributed to the outcomes of the program, as well as the overall engaging aesthetics of the service. 

Leadership arrangements within the service supported the quality of practice, and ongoing mentoring was facilitated to develop each educator’s individual strengths, skills and knowledge....

...This had led to a strong, cohesive focus on wellbeing which promoted quality outcomes for children and their families."

— National Quality Standard Assessment and Rating Report, Fink Karp Ivany assessment report, May 2020
Fink Karp Ivany Campus ELC (FKI), Caulfield South Szalmuk Family ELC at Gandel Besen House (GBH), St Kilda East
Little Learners
Gan Gani, Gan Katan, B'Yachad programs
Lower Kinder
Lower Kinder
Upper Kinder
Upper Kinder

Parents benefit from being able to choose between a smaller and more intimate campus or a larger environment, both with excellent staffing ratios, and an immersive bilingual English and Hebrew environment for both years of kinder. 

All children then come together at GBH for Prep. 

Children at both campuses benefit from having all the resources of a large school available to them, including specialist teacher and programs, as well as a full range of student support, including psychologists, and visiting speech and occupational therapists, to help monitor development and progress. 

ELC Policies

With a strong emphasis and growing awareness of the fundamental importance of early learning on successful outcomes in a person's life, there are a myriad of regulations that govern early learning centres. At Scopus we have developed a suite of policies that outline our approach, both in terms of pedagogy and care of the children, as well as around the practical and logistical requirements of running our centres. These policies are available to view on request.