Lower and Upper Kinder

At Scopus we offer a full time kinder program (4½ days per week) for three and four year old children. Our Early Learning Centre’s philosophy is centred around each child as a unique individual who is competent and capable to learn and make sense of their world. Our program is built around warm, caring and supportive relationships with children and families.

Learning is hands on, play-based and develops the inquiring mind. Children are encouraged to explore, to observe and question their world. 

Kinder - pic 1

The learning, through the PYP lens, is centred around four units of enquiry that run throughout the year. Children inquire into:

  • Who we are;
  • How we organise ourselves;
  • How we express ourselves; and 
  • How the world works.

Kinder - pic 2

We impart life skills, values, and a love of Israel and our Jewish identity and traditions through our everyday interactions with the children.  We bring the chagim alive with songs, baking and storytelling but most importantly foster a sense of belonging and community.  Hebrew is spoken in context during the day, and whilst the children are engaged in their daily routines. 

Kinder - pic 3

Each child’s learning journey is valued with an emphasis on observing children closely and supporting them to develop their skills so they continue their journey into the Primary School with confidence.

We view the outdoors as an important part of the child’s learning environment and offer a wide and varied sensory environment. Children take responsibility and understanding of caring for their environment and for others.

Long day care

Complementing our kinder programs, we offer extended hours during termtime per year from 7.30am to 6.00pm, Monday to Thursday, and to 5.00pm on Friday in Summer and 4.00pm in Winter in line with the change in Shabbat times, as well as during much of the school holidays. 

Before kinder care is available from 7.30am and run by our kinder staff. It is included for all kinder children, allowing for an early drop off in one of the kinder classrooms or via the drop off bay. 

Kinder children can enjoy a range of activities after kinder has finished, with a different workshop offered each day, often by external specialists. For parents, this enables them to provide enrichment activities without the extra afternoon rush of driving around to different locations. As these sessions are run by our in-house staff our children have consistency and get to know all the team members. 

The school holiday programs offer a range of incursions, with different themed days and activities.

We help parents and families better juggle work/life commitments whilst providing exciting enrichment opportunities for children across the day and across the year. 

Kinder only v. LDC 48 (Long day care - 48 weeks)

Parents have the option of registering for the kinder only program or for long day care, for all operating days across the year including those in term holidays  per the details below which will allow families to select the most appropriate attendance basis to suit their needs. 

We provide parents with flexibility and the ability to budget in advance, whilst current government regulations mean that eligible families receive the CCS for the longer number of hours in long day care programs. Refer to Centrelink for full details of eligibility. 

Attendance basis Approx no. weeks per year Includes After kinder programs Term holiday programs
Kinder program
7.30am - 3.00pm Mon to Thu, 7.30am - 12.00pm Fri
pay per use
pay per use
LDC 48
7.30am - 6.00pm Mon to Thu, 7.30am - 4/5.00pm Fri

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