Enrolment terms and conditions

Privacy Statement

The Parents hereby acknowledge that the College may collect personal, sensitive or health information about Parents and children from time to time, including as a result of providing educational services, or from, or as a result of, processing or assessing, applications and making related enquiries.

The College will retain information about a child or Parents until the later of the expiry of seven years after all children in the same family have completed Year 12 or have otherwise permanently left the College, or cancelled an enrolment, and the expiry of seven years after all fees and other amounts payable or to be paid to the College in respect of those children have been paid in full, when the College will take reasonable steps to destroy or permanently de-identify the information. The College will at all times take reasonable precautions to maintain the confidentiality of all information it holds in relation to parents and children and to protect it from misuse, loss and unauthorised access, modification and disclosure.

The Parents hereby agree that the College may disclose this information to staff on a need to know basis and to the College’s Executive Committee, College’s Bursary Committee and to the College’s Finance Committee, being committees whose membership includes both parent representatives and senior staff representatives, for these Committees to review the manner in which the College assesses applications. The College will not otherwise publish the information without consent.

The Parents hereby agree that the College may contact any educational institution(s) which the prospective student has attended, in order to obtain information from the educational institution(s) regarding the Parents’ fee status and/or credit status (“Fee Information”) and/or student behaviour and/or attendance details (“Student Details”), where the College considers it relevant in assessing any application or enrolment registration form. In addition, the Parents hereby grant permission for any educational institution(s) which the prospective student has attended to provide to the College the Fee Information and/or Student Details upon request by the College.

The Parents hereby acknowledge that upon the prospective student ceasing to be a student of the College, other educational institutions may contact the College in order to obtain information from the College regarding the Parents’ fee status and/or credit status at the College. Should such a situation arise, the Parents authorise the College to disclose certain personal information regarding the Parents’ fee status and/or credit status or Student Details to other educational institutions. The Parents hereby acknowledge that they have been informed by the College at the time of or prior to the College receiving personal information regarding the Parents’ fee status and/or credit status or Student Details that such personal information may be disclosed in the above manner. The Parents consent to and authorise such disclosure.

The College will take reasonable steps to ensure any information which the College collects, uses or discloses and which relates to a person, is accurate, complete and up to date. The College will allow parents to access information relating to them or their children during business hours and upon reasonable notice to the College, and will make all reasonable efforts to correct this information if it is incomplete or inaccurate.

The College also regularly takes photos and videos of the College’s students and students’ activities. These images are sometimes used for publicity purposes such as in school newsletters, in the press, or for use in brochures promoting the College. On occasion the College shares these images with partner organisations when the College considers this to be in the interest of promoting the College. Parents who do not wish to have images of their children used for publicity purposes need to notify the College of such in writing.

This Policy may be amended by the College from time to time.

Parent/Guardian Declaration

In submitting this Enrolment Registration Form, I/we agree and acknowledge that:

1.The information provided in this form, including all responses and documentation, is entirely accurate,and has been provided in its entirety with no omissions and in good faith. Any omission or misleadinginformation, deliberate or inadvertent, may impact prospective or continuing enrolment at the College.

2. The Parent Code of Conduct and Student Code of Conduct as outlined in the Parent Handbook and College policies page on the College website, form a part of the Enrolment Agreement.

3. Prospective students will be registered for enrolment following payment of a Registration Fee of $150inc GST. This fee covers administrative costs and is non-refundable. Prospective students who meet the necessary selection criteria will be admitted as vacancies occur. Acceptance will be subject to satisfactory completion of the admissions process which includes submission of all previous school records to the College as well as other pertinent information about the prospective students as required.

4.This Enrolment Registration Form does not bind the College to accept my/ our child, nor me/us to send my/our child to the College. Place offers are made subject to the availability of places.

5.The College has the right at any time to request an Extract of Registration of Birth (or Statutory Declaration in lieu), a Medical Certificate and/or request a prospective student undergo medical examination.


(a) When a prospective student is offered a provisional place, the College requires payment of a non-refundable place acceptance fee of $250. GST does not apply to this payment.

(b) Where a prospective student is registered for concurrent enrolments for Lower or Upper Kindergarten and Prep, an advance deposit for fees for Prep of $2000 is required to be received by the College prior to place offers being made for Lower Kinder.

This deposit must be received by the deadline stipulated in the place offer schedule in order to retain the prospective student's position on the priority list. No extensions will be granted. GST does not apply to this payment.

(c) Where a prospective student is registered for Little Learners, or for prep or above, or for a prospective student not enrolled concurrently for Kinder, then an additional payment of $1000 is payable along with the acceptence fee. This additional payment will be credited to the first tuition account. GSTdoes not apply to this payment.

7. An account for fees rendered by the College in respect of a particular period of tuition shall be deemed to be a separate and distinct offer by the College to provide tuition to the aforementioned prospective student on my/our behalf for the period in respect for which the account is rendered.

8. Attendance by the aforementioned prospective student at the College for the purpose of receiving tuition on any day during a period for which an account has been rendered shall constitute sufficient acceptance by me/us of the offer described in the preceding paragraph that the fees specified in the account in respect of that period are payable forthwith in full in respect of the whole period, unless otherwise advised, or subject to the terms of paragraph 9.

9. Attendance by the prospective student at the College constitutes an acknowledgment by me/us ofour liability, owed by us both jointly and severally, to pay to the College, both in its own capacity andas agent for Mount Scopus Memorial College Jewish Day School Limited all of the fees and levies rendered for the aforementioned periods of tuition.

10. I/We authorise the College at any time to:

(a) Seek and use consumer and commercial credit information about me/us to assess this Application or any subsequent Application.

(b) Seek and use a credit report about me/us provided by a credit reporting agency to collect overdue payments from me/us.

(c) Seek and use, or give to another credit provider or school, any information about my/our credit worthiness, credit standing, credit history or credit capacity.

11. Accounts will be rendered at the commencement of each year (or at such times as the College determines). All accounts are payable in quarterly instalments at the commencement of each term. Subject to arrangements at the discretion of the College, and the provision of an automatic debit authority, fees may be paid by other periodic instalments. The College is entitled to obtain all costs,(including solicitor/client costs), damages and outgoings incurred by it as a direct or indirect result of any failure by a Parent to pay any fees within the College’s terms for payment.

12. No student will be permitted to commence classes at the beginning of any term while any part of any previous fees or levies are in arrears.

13. The student(s) and/or prospective student(s) of Parents whose fees or levies are in arrears and who have not made satisfactory arrangements with the College, may be suspended from school without notice until payment is made to the satisfaction of the College. Whilst accounts remain in arrears, this may also impact the offering of places to siblings.

14. College fees and levies are subject to increase without notice, although Parents will generally receive notification from the College in advance of any increase or change in fees or levies. Fees may include tuition fees, enrolment process fees, bus fees, and any other fees and levies determined by the College. Goods and Services Tax, where applicable, shall be borne by the Parents.


(a) Families intending to move temporarily interstate/overseas are subject to one term’s prior written notice. A place will be held for such a student upon payment of a holding fee of 50% ofthe tuition fee for the period of absence.

(b) One full school term’s notice in writing to the Principal or their delegate is required before the withdrawal of a student from the College, except for Upper Kinder and Year 6, where two full school terms' notice is required. If this notice is not given, one full term’s fees in lieu will be payable for all year levels other than Upper Kinder and Year 6, where the equivalent fees will be payable in lieu of notice.

16. A pro rata charge is made, based on full weeks, for new students entering the College for the first time after a term has commenced.

17. If a student leaves during a term without giving the required term’s notice, in writing, in addition to any fees payable in accordance with paragraph 15(b), no refund will be made for the remaining portion of that pro rata charge.

18. Parents on their own behalf and on behalf of the prospective student agree to abide by the College rules and policies, including the payment of school fees and levies. The Parents acknowledge that they are aware of the content of the College’s rules and policies, as recorded in the Parent Handbook,  as available on the College website, and amended from time to time. The College, through the Principal, retains the right to suspend or expel any student from the College or otherwise discipline any student on the grounds of that student’s unsatisfactory conduct or performance or failure to observe any school rule, including any failure by the Parents to pay fees or levies as and when they fall due, or to adhere to any financial arrangement made. It is the responsibility of the Parents to ensure that both they and their children have read and understood all of the College’s rules and policies, as recorded in the Parent Handbook as available on the College website, and amended from time to time. No refund or credit will apply for the period the student is not at the College as a resul tof suspension or expulsion.

19. Parents are liable for payment for avoidable breakage or damage to school property caused by the negligence or wilful act of a student, and also for loss of school property, e.g. musical instruments.