Prep entry 2025

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For many children, Prep is the most transformative year of their life. As they learn to read, the world opens up for them. Embark on this journey with a trusted partner and help your child flourish. 

When space allows, we welcome children from other early learning centres to join Scopus for Prep. 

Register here  for the Prep 2025 parent information evening on Wednesday 15 May, 2024.

Join our community to hear from our primary leadership team about general and Jewish learning in Prep and beyond, and key issues such as the transition and integration process. 

To be eligible for Prep, a child must be between five and six years old by 30 April in the year they enter Prep. Exceptions may apply for children moving to Melbourne from other jurisdictions.

Places for children moving from other early learning centres are now open for Prep 2025. 

Later in the year we provide mulitiple transition opportunities to ensure that our new children and parents are comfortable in their new environment prior to the start of the school year. These include events on campus, as well as one on one social interactions with our current families. 

To assist with an optimal class placement our educators will liaise with parents to ensure we understand the way they learn best. 

We will also outline our fee support program that enables so many parents to provide their children with an engaging and immersive Jewish education, Scopus style, including our new Gesher bursaries that will help bridge the gap between the Child Care Subsidy in kinder, and primary school tuition fees from Prep to Year 6. 

Gesher and Grow with Scopus bursaries are available to eligible families to help as many Jewish children as possible to receive an immersive Jewish education during these critical formative years. 

Applications close on  31 May, 2024  for Prep entry in 2025.

See our learning in action by booking for one of our upcoming Open Mornings.

For further information, please call Enrolments on 9834 0070.